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Fulvio Cecere - Actor, Producer

The Regular Guy - A Happy Fish Production

The Regular Guy, a film by Fulvio Cecere

The Regular Guy is a comedy about two brothers and about letting go... literally. One of the brother's rigid lifestyle begins to unravel after he has too much bran in the morning and gets lost on his way to work.

The Regular Guy is a ten minute comedy that was both an exercise and a labor of love. It was shot on 35mm (but transferred to tape) in Vancouver, B.C. over the course of 4 days. I had a crew of 25-30 people who donated their time and skill for no pay! It was an incredible experience that I long to continue. I have managed, through the generosity of so many people, to make a short film for a budget of $25,000 Canadian. It is truly remarkable in light of the fact that I was able to incorporate a piece of animation and visual effects for that price. It is a true testament to the Independent Film spirit that I was able to get so much for so little. I wish to express my gratitude to all those that made it happen.

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